Business Credit Card

Leading the way with co-branded Business Credit Card initiatives

  • Increased visibility of your
    company brand and logo

  • Program launched and live
    in 12 weeks

  • Attract new business whilst
    securing your existing

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How long does the program take to launch?

  • Week 1

    Sign the commercial agreement and submit your card design

  • Week 3

    Your design is approved with our card partner

  • Week 4

    Card manufacturing commences

  • Week 12

    Card manufacturing complete - Go live!

Benefits for your business

  • Customer Loyalty

    Customers see your branding more frequently - you'll always be on their mind

  • Increased Sales

    Added channel for acquiring new customers

  • Additional Revenue

    Share of revenue on all your customers’ transactions

  • Share of Wallet Data

    Access to spending data to understand customer needs

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