How it works

We offer small businesses with a credit facility of up to £25,000 to grow their business.

You can spend your credit facility on your Business MasterCard or send the funds straight to your high street bank account in minutes.

Checking your eligiblity will have no effect on your credit score

Why choose us

We’ve funded over £400 million to over 40,000 businesses.

Fast application

A simple 2 minute application with 97% of customers getting an instant credit decision.

Say goodbye to hidden fees

We do not charge any FX fees, UK ATM charges, or other monthly fees

Interest flexibility

You pay no interest on card purchases if you pay off your balance in full every month. Otherwise, you only pay interest on the funds you use.

Earn when you spend

If you opt-in to our Premium program you can earn uncapped 0.5% cashback rewards (£79 per year for Premium).

How do I get a Capital on Tap Card?

Fill in our quick application form
Receive your approval within 2 minutes
Complete your online account activation
Receive your card within 4 business days

Will I qualify for credit?

We look at each business on a case by case basis, however we do have some basic criteria we like all our customers to meet.

We will consider any business that doesn’t quite meet these criteria, so you should still submit an application. Applying doesn’t hurt your credit rating.

  • Your business should have at least 12 months of trading history
  • Your business should have a turnover of at least £24,000 per annum
  • There should be no unsatisfied CCJs against you or your business in the last 12 months
  • If your application does not qualify for a credit limit yet, we may offer you our Prepaid card. We review your account every 3 months to offer you credit.

Rates as low as

9.9% APR

Our rates depend on your business profile. Your rates of interest will improve the more you use our service and grow your business.



Pay your balance in full or just make your minimum repayment. Make your minimum monthly payment to keep your account active. Manage and make additional payments anytime using your online account.